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I keep hoping for a miracle in life that things will change. I have finally had an interview with Amtrak and am hoping that this interview gives me a chance to have a future. I have put up with a lot of embarrassment at McDonald’s and its seeming to get more difficult to make ends meet. I go into work and am treated with the utmost disrespect and I feel that the retaliation will never end. I wish that I can find a career as a lot of the problems I deal with would be resolved. I know nothing is perfect but why should I have to working for pennies when I do more work. Fast food is probably one of the most insulting jobs in terms of pay and also the most demanding jobs. If I get Amtrak I would be so happy as things could change my life. All I can do is keep hoping that I wowed the group of interviewers enough.

On a side note I am hoping to get my little baby turquoise green cheek conure soon. I could have it before my birthday later this month. I also recently added my fifth bird to the flock of birds a year old jenday conure I named Tiki. I am hoping that the bird store I frequent can break it of its really bad habits. I have such a huge passion for the vibrant birds that live with me. I hope that one day I might even be able to add maybe a seventh bird or maybe eight.

Well off for now.