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I can never seem to win with this employment game. I assume I would have been offered a part-time job and Fred Meyer gave me a job with closer to full-time hours. A complete disregard also to how many hours I requested and basically I ended up leaving the first day. Telling me that if they knew I was on social security that they would not hire me. I can personally say that finding legitimate work opportunities is almost impossible. I have open availability but want to only work less than 25 hours a week how hard is it. A reasonable rate of pay also is not so much to ask for either. Why hire someone for 35 to 38 hours a week and call it part-time when truthfully there trying to skimp both wage and benefits.

I also can not have someone in life that truly cares about me. Its a hard battle living on social security. I really could use some help financially as I can only handle so much bills at a time. I can not even enjoy the basics in life let along the needs.