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Being so free has caused the worst holiday for me. This life has brought pain sorrow and no happiness. I just want to go in a jail cell and feel the happiness that they have. I am still trying to find someone real to lock me down in security. I cry everynight in tears that I can not even afford the basics let along the things I want to do for fun. I am in need of a new motorcycle and can not afford one. No real job this season still behind in every regards with school as well. Will this life ever end for my happiness as there is no happiness in living in this world full of selfish people and those who cant understand a simple need of security that creates happiness. I hope I perish soon from the pain inside I am literally unable to cope with the stress which can kill a person. I feel the end is near thanks to people like Dane, Bind, and even the useless law enforcement won’t ever understand. I cry at random points throughout the day and I wonder when their will ever be happiness. I hope that Jake Hamil  in Rockford, IL enjoys the further suffering I have had to put up with throughout this holiday season. To make lies to someone and say what I need was irrational a big fuck you to. I don’t understand how someone can get satisfaction of breaking someones motorcycle even more and creating a harder Christmas. I do not know when I will ever have the ability to ride ever again. I am so tired of getting fucked over by everyone and I am not afraid to respond back to stop the shit.