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I’m sick and tired of being unable to have a home that I can sleep in. I need the freedom a jail cell provides. The luxurious lifestyle inmates have is so flat out wrong in comparison to me having to live on shitty disabilty income and unemployment. Can’t even afford a can am spyder to ride no bank will loan me the money. Told I should kill myself by do many cruel people what gives. Wish I was locked in a cozy cell cause can’t seem to get anyone to lock me up in bondage ¬†either. America is the worst country when it comes to helping someone in need. Seems like people are so greedy and selfish about letting someone ride a motorcycle. Not like they use it 24/7 and then the banks don’t see them as transportation but will give me 10,000 dollars for a car at a high interest rate when a car costs more for insurance and maintenance. Insurance rates for cars are more than a years of same coverage on a trike. Seriously and why does this county make fun of disabled people. It shouldn’t be that hard to get locked up in a jail cell without a record.