I am ready to end this pain. I am so tired of being judged for wanting to be locked up in jail. I’m tired of being so fucking poor that I can’t have a jail cell to crawl into. If I had money it wouldn’t be so hard to get the therapy I need. Medication doesn’t work for therapy counseling hasn’t worked. Psych wards aren’t an option as they don’t lock you up in a room and keep you from going anywhere. I can’t find anyone to lock me in bondage. I never asked to be such an unaccepeted person in society. I don’t fit in I can’t find a job can’t find enough money to make ends meet. I have no one to help me and no support for what I need. I don’t have money to be giving to people that can lock me up. Being poor makes it impossible to get the therapy I need which is a jail cell. People send me a message saying they can help on Instagram just trying to ask me for money when I don’t have any. If someone really understood that my life has no meaning without a jail cell to be locked into I don’t know what to say. Tears of pain the lack of sleep it’s getting to me. Is there anyone that can get me locked up tonight so I can finally feel secured and heal from the pain.