Lockdown and humanity is Trash. I want a PS5 now!

I a so tired of the low life scalpers who have nothing better to do than steal from those who really want to play the Sony Playstation 5. Why would you charge for a 499 dollar console upwards of 1500 bucks and keep buying them to screw everyone over during this lockdown? There is a special place in hell for those who are price gouging innocent people and taking advantage of those during a pandemic. I should not have to live anymore since I am stuck in a country full of greedy assholes that need 10 or more fucking consoles. Wish I could get one for retail as I am not rich enough to afford these prices. Most be nice to have that kind of money to afford one. I am disabled on a fixed income and am the one most disadvantaged by these greedy assholes.

I guess I do not belong in this world and should give up existing on the planet. I wish I was never even born because I am useless and not needed. I wish I didn’t have to be harrassed by people because I want to play a fucking video game console. What kind of people are so low that they won’t even give me a chance in life to have one at an affordable level. I guess leaving this world is the only way to not have to wake up to the evil and the pain. I should just give up my medications I can not be confined inside a jail cell either. Instead, I’m confined to a fucking hell hole. I wish there was a decent human being that let me have a console for the holidays but this lockdown and humanity is trash. How hard is it to give someone a chance to have some fun and to stay safe inside during the COVID pandemic. I just hope they enjoy the suffering they have caused me and others for the sake of extra cash. What a scumbag way to make money this year. I find those who block me for making an offer of 600 dollars which is 100 more than retail cost and 50 more than taxes fair enough. I find it rude and disgusting you also would say that this is the market demand price when you know what you are doing is illegal and highly immoral. I hate how you destroy people and say there poor because they can not pay your outrageous prices and that this is the only way to make money during a pandemic. Or your Cashapp scams. Anyone willing to donate me a PS5.

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