Robbed at Gunpoint!

picture of me

On Monday, December 7th, 2020 I became the victim of being involved in a robbery at gunpoint. I honestly wish that I never have had to experience that trauma of having a gun to my face. After so many successful transactions over the course of numerous years and meeting people I never would have expected what took place that evening. The amount of pain and the humiliation of having a gun to your face for no reason other than to steal money feels like shit. To literally be powerless to some thug who thinks it is ok to ruin someone’s life for the sake of $650 dollars. This amount of money is not easy to recover and I wish I would have been on the ground left dead. At least being dead I wouldn’t have to worry about the financial implications and the feeling of hopelessness that came from this situation.

I tried to meet inside a local Safeway which is a public place but when I came out the person was not there. I left the store after sending a text to the person asking where he was and got played to meet outside in the parking lot near a Dairy Queen. Turns out the guy was playing me the whole entire time for the entire transaction he comes running towards me with another guy and shows me an empty box I say no and start walking towards my car and he points a fucking gun to my face saying I am buying it no matter what. I said no again and he starts counting down saying I give my money or he shoots. Me being defenseless hands the cash hoping he goes away the guy starts walking away I try to get the license plate number from the car guy comes back demanding my phone and wallet at which point I start screaming help call 911 so loudly. I literally like you already got my cash what the hell you going do with either of em guy starts running again and the getaway driver. I called 911 as soon as they were in the car dealing with dispatch and the cops there in minutes. There were two witnesses to the ordeal but I still am waiting for the detective to produce a lead and find the perpetrator who robbed at gunpoint.

Having to pay more to a scalper for a PS5 Console is bad enough when you can not find the item on retail shelves due to bots and unfair retailer systems. The retailers are mostly to blame as well as Sony Corporation for allowing these behaviors. How hard would it have been to just simply batch orders out and let everyone order? Coronavirus is hard enough as it is but adding a lockdown and nothing else to do is just making matters worse. Having been robbed while being at gunpoint just sucks so much. I wanted a distraction from the everyday pain that I am going thru instead I got scammed. The guy if ever caught will get to get rewarded with the luxurious jail cell and eventually prison for it. Whereas the victim who was robbed at gunpoint which is me will continue to not have confinement happiness and security.  I want to be inside a jail cell so much and can not even get the cops to let me inside one.