I want What Inmates Have!

Inmates have a perfect life in comparison to what I go through on a daily basis. Its not like I can have the alternative that makes me happy in life. That is the ability to leave the shit hole country of United Shits of Assholes forever and move to a country like Finland. I can not seem to have anyone that loves me in Amerishita as they are selfish fucking slobs who enjoy the suffering they give to others. Greed seems to be the neverending trend of the culture of Americans and to spread the hate and suffering everywhere. Why would you want to be a decent human being and do something compassionate for someone who is less fortunate? Why would you want to allow a disabled person to be married or to have a job where there not worried about whether they are going to get fired for needing a doctors appointment? I have learned that working at jobs that its not worth even trying anymore when you are given nothing but abuse from the management of the job, the coworkers as well which also are dehumanizing, and also the customers to who think there always right in life. I have realized how much hate is inside  98% of the American population the more that I travel away from it. The facts are America is a a disgusting country in which I wish I was never born in. Human rights are not what someone comes to think of when your in a country that is so undeveloped such as Amerishita. All I want at this point is to move abroad to Finland and rip up my American passport as soon as I can physically renounce the citizenship. I wish I had the ability to declare asylum from the hell I was cursed to be born in.

There is no wonders to why I want what inmates have as they are given all the simple things in life one needs to survive. They are given the luxuries of free housing, free medical care, free clothing, and free food in comparison to the people who are living on disability.  I have to fucking pay for everything living on a pathetic $854 a month and can not have my own small fucking apartment. I have to llive somewhere that is not as luxurious compared to what the inmates get. I am not able to get low income housing because I am not a minority such as a drug user, female, or someone who decided to have kids they can not afford. The system is fucking rigged for those who want to improve their lives. Forget acutally having employers who care about the well being of the employees that they hire. Good bye to you as an employee if you need to have a day off to take care of a doctors appointment or if you get sick. Also the customers in the service industry can berate you non stop and standing up for your human rights. I want what inmates have as I will be given everything that should be basic human fundamental rights in life. 

I would have no more stress and worries to have to deal with in life and not have to focus on trying to survive on nothing anymore. I wish I was born in Europe cause then my dreams of happiness would come true. I could finally be married and have someone special in my life. I would have the ability to choose which country I want to live in as there is more than one in the EU area. I would have my dream of living in Finland actually come true and not have to be stressed out that I will have to come back to a country of idiots who think a vaccine is going to kill them and nasty fucking entitled Karen’s that think they are the Queen of Sheba.  I honestly have no idea how these people think they deserve any service at all. Patience is apparently not a thing for these demons from hell and I think they need to get a taste of their own meds.