About PrisonDude

A Person Who needs Confinement

I was born in a country that is worse than any third world country out there. United States of America was the curse in my life and which I never choose to be born here. My heart does not belong here and I am looking to move to Europe ideally. I have wanted to leave this country since I was 18 and stuck in a world where being gay and disabled is condoned. I am in my low 30’s and am waiting for my chance of freedom and happiness. I have to suffer with the stigma of having HIV and in America it seems to make having a relationship impossible. I wish people would not be so judgemental about something that is virtually impossible to get. I just wish that people would not be so evil but that is the average person in America. I long for Finland so badly but as it felt like the perfect place for me. I am a prisoner in this hell that I did not create and am waiting for my happiness. 
I hope one day I will get my dream of being locked up in a jail cell soon as that is the ultimate happiness for me. I wish someone could make this a reality in my life as I deserve happiness just like everyone else. I have found the safety of confinement is what makes me feel healthier and happier. I wish there was someone who would keep me confined. I am so tired of people who think that they know what I need in my life when clearly I have been telling people what I need for years. It gets old when people say you do not need confinement to feel better or you just need to be grateful your alive but really I’m not living but there is more about Prisondude to learn about in my posts.

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