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I fucking hate how my life is. I can never get the help I need to make ends meet. I want to personally tell everyone about the arrogant asshole that I used to work for named Mike Toursal who owns Eagle Leather in both Auburn and Lakewood Washington. Forewarning to avoid this shit hole business as they get away with being discriminatory stole nearly 1509 dollars of benefits in unemployment with lies. All cause they got money and the poor person suffers for it. Fuck the United States of America and the state of Washington. Your the reason why I am fucking dying and living in shit. Your fucking government is so corrupted and there is not the help I need to survive. I suffer while the rich prosper and you steal of me everyday. I fucking wish I was never even born here in this country.

I cant live on 778 dollars a month then also loose all my unemployment benefits. The Washington Office of Administrative Hearings is a fraud as is half this fucking useless government. I wish i could be locked up for good and in a prison cell safe secure and not stuck like this.

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