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I am tired of feeling so depressed so tired of the pain. It never ends does it? I feel so nauseated and so exhausted. My employer Starbucks really fucked me over and discriminated against my disabilities. I am now afraid that I will be fired any moment for something I never did. What company writes someone up for missing work when they are medically excused by a doctor in a food service establishment. Starbucks also writes me up for being the victim of disability discrimination. The company also never followed any of my doctor’s orders such as working after 9 am and transferring to a store closer to my house. I put up with a manager who thinks she’s in the right saying she doesn’t have to follow the law and that a disabled person has no right to work. Told several times that I will do whatever it takes to fire you. I have lost so much money and no way to recuperate.

Two car accidents have destroyed my health. I have lost everything in my life what more is there to gain. I can not even still get my Can Am Spyder and I’m longing to ride again. I keep getting people who tell me to kill myself and tell me I don’t deserve to be happy. What more can one take? I want to go hide in a jail cell and get away from such cruel people on the outside. I want to just feel safe and secure and it seems that no one gives a care about me. I feel so lost cannot get the medical help that I need cannot afford to make ends meet.

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