take me to jail and Give Freedom!

I do not fit in with society whatsoever and need my therapy to help my life. I do not understand why it is so hard to take me to jail. People do not grasp the need for confinement and think that medications work for everything. News flash they really fucking don’t work for anything and they are more of a guessing game than true therapy. Then there are the spiritual ones that believe in some fucking GOD who is not in my opinion real at all. I know of no higher being that would want to cause suffering that the world has caused. This is purely a version of hell and I honestly want to leave this hell behind for the rest of my life. I want what freedom really is and that’s only given to those who get to live their lives locked up in luxurious facilities such as jails or prisons. I will never have my dream of having someone who loves me in this dump of a country called the USA. I would love to see this country broken up it’s too big and is one of the worst countries in the world. Healthcare is atrocious and the lack of benefits that are afforded to the disabled is even worse. Over-priced education and the lack of programs available for a disabled person to live self-sufficient and have their own small place to live themselves is just plain evil. I wish I lived in a country that cared about healthcare rights and not trying to drain the $854 I have to survive on every month to go to doctors. Just the basics such as a car payment to get from point A to B is $530 dollars and that’s not including the $120 dollars in insurance for that vehicle alone. Who the hell can survive and afford rent that is easily over $600 just for a room for rent. I do not even know what it’s like to have my own place to myself. It should not be a luxury to have my own place at an income that I can afford. The whole system is set up to fail someone who wants the ability to have their own place. I miss having my own studio apartment at times. I miss having the ability to have reliable public transit and not having to worry about driving a vehicle that sucks money that I do not have without the help of working a part-time job on top of living rent-free. Without that, I would be doomed and could not survive.

To understand what a person goes thru you need to first listen to what that person needs. Do not make assumptions that you think they need this therapy or that therapy.  How many times does someone have to state that they need confinement to feel security and structure? I can tell you my dream of immigrating to Europe is next to impossible but why does a jail cell have to be impossible to have. We give them to so many people that are innocent and they are treated better than people like me who keep a clean record. For what reason should I have to suffer the repercussions and go out and commit a crime to get my needed jail therapy. I have an ethical problem of not wanting to commit the crime to get arrested but I need someone to take me to jail. The freedom to not have to worry about the neverending decisions I must make on a daily basis. The ultimate dream and goal in life is to become the inmate that I must be. I would gladly take anyone place in jail and be locked up for them as I truthfully deserve to be incarcerated. I wish I had every luxurious thing they got from the food to the clothing to the comfortable matress they sleep on. Why was I even put on this planet to be living in this fucking hell? My freedom is taken away from me every single day because the cops and the useless society will not put me behind bars like I should be.

I would be so grateful the moment that an officer would come to detain me and put me in those wonderful handcuffs. The stress would be disappearing fast and the anxiety of not dealing with all this shit while the officer pats me down and get me in the cop car to take me to jail. I would finally have a smile on my face knowing that I can have all the comforts that those people have in jail. I so want to go thru booking and get my glamourous mug shot taken and get processed into the system. I would love to be awaiting my assignment into a cell and handing over my useless personal belongings in exchange for what is offered by the jail. I would be so happy to be given my jail bedroll and those clothes that have been worn by so many wondering inmates before me. I will never have this happiness cause my health matters to no one. My life is not important enough to get the finest luxuries that inmates are getting and to have the confinement I need for safety and security.