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I need someone out there that can save my life and make a difference by putting this punk in a jail cell. Everyday is becoming more of a burden and without confinement therapy I will continue to suffer. There are so many people out there that are living the daily life of ultimate freedom. If I was a punk in a jail cell my anxiety would be reduced. I would finally be able to sleep at night and would be able to heal from the PTSD. The pain of living without what I need to heal is getting to the point I do not want to keep going on. Inmates have a structure in life where as me I have nothing. I deserve ultimate freedom and dream of being arrested. Why is it only the elite get to go to prison where as people like me can never have it. I can not even find a place to pay to be put into jail. I wish that I could have that life saving therapy by being a punk in a jail cell. They do not have to pay for everything and get more than I ever can living on a disability income.
Why is it so hard for anyone to understand the pain I go thru? I hate my father with a burning passion and would love to have him be suffering the pain he caused me. I can not function in society without confinement therapy. I wish it was just something as simple as anxiety or depression in life that could be handled by medication. The isolation from all the decisions would benefit me tremendously and cause a calming effect in life. If I left this world the pain could finally be over since there is not any help for the thereapy I need. I can not find a job and I can not afford to do the things I enjoy. I have given up everything moving to Finland and the lack of support from the one I married is driving me crazy. He doesn’t understand that I have needs to do activities that distract me. I have no motorcycle now and I miss riding. The lack of jobs available is not making things easier trying to integrate with Finland. I deserve to be happy and secured. I wish I was understood and wish that I did not have to worry anymore. Can anyone get me put into a prison cell now?

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