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Recently I have gotten the chance to begin training for Amtrak as an extra call Lead Service Attendant on board the trains. I am looking forward to this new job and hoping I will be able to overcome the various aspects in my life. It’s been a rough few years and I am given a chance to make a change and get of social security disability. I tired of letting the depression overwhelm me to the point I not living life. I been looking for the chance to make a decent income for years and finally that chance is going to happen. I know I’ll have to work hard but in the end it will be worth it to build my work experience. I feel overwhelmed with the change in emotions I am experiencing lately.
When that cloud of depression starts to go away and you experience happiness once again it feels weird. I haven’t experienced much happiness for over a year and many countless nights I’d be crying and in so much emotional pain. I got a lot to look forward and guess that life can get better. The simple act of having that one person helping you get a foot in the door for an interview can change your experience for good.

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