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There is so much on my mind lately and it’s hard to keep track anymore what I can do to make a difference. I look at how people judge me for something that is not my fault. How could people be so cruel to someone who needs a vehicle they need to make payments on. People don’t understand that transportation is needed and take for granted there motorcycles. I never seen such a nasty group of motorcyclists on a forum here in the Pacific Northwest. They rip me to shreds and don’t understand that what there doing is wrong.

How can you judge a person on just a credit score banks don’t care to lend and when someone needs a boost to make a difference there denied. Where are all my real friends at when your in need of help. I have done so much for people and I get taken advantage of. I can’t even finish my degree without help financially. I’m scared what my future will hold as things aren’t going well medically either. Day by day I continue to hope for a change and a new life I think of a life that revolves around security.

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