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So I’m bored out of my mind. Trying to figure what I can do to find a source of income. I can only do so much to do the things I want to do. I want to be enjoying the ability to travel places and have a motorcycle that works. I can’t seem to get the thing to actually work right at all and I am soon going to have to sell the vehicle as its causing more trouble then it is worth.

The beautiful weather outside inspire me to keep up hope that things will change and get better. I don’t know how much financial stress I can take anymore I’m scared of the outlook. I’m getting stressed out anticipating this job I am supposed to be getting as I haven’t started it yet. I literally need to start my job ASAP to get things under control and have a better control on my income. I keep looking at the various motorcycles that are in well kept condition wondering when my chance to obtain a vehicle that I can be proud of. I inherit another persons garbage again with this bike I ride right now.

Old is not better as I’m finding there is more and more wrong with this bike. I can’t keep the engine from overheating even with better coolant what gives. I’m worried about not having a reliable bike to get around. I am still pushing for some extra work and hopefully the stress will diminish. I wish I could have someone that would be willing to help with me financing a newer bike so I can get around.

I am out of here for today so can wrap up this philosophy course of doom and work on some of my vacation photos.

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