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Can’t sleep lately I’m having one of those nights. This stress isn’t healthy and I hope today will bring me some good news with my employer. Maybe I’ll be able to return to work for a month until my vacations that are already planned. This could dramatically make a difference to how things go for paying my bills off that I’m barely pushing through on my fixed income. If something dramatically could change I think that time needs to be now as I can only take so much pain. I am tired of fighting for myself to get back to work all for an injury caused by another job. It’s getting boring and haven’t found any other jobs to supplement this mess. Future lies with Lowes to let me return for a month and proceed to let me have the vacation.

I owe so many medical premiums and worried how to pay them. I get scared what will happen to everything in my life can there be a sense of peace. I need something positive to happen since I can only take so much stress at once. I also need my Apple MacBook Pro problem to be resolved from the damaged during shipment. This is the fifth major problem and I wanting replacement this isn’t illogical to ask for but the Apple Executive relations member Jessica Barocio takes the icing of the cake for being the biggest never ending same response over and over again we have no resolution yet at this time you need to wait longer for investigation to be complete. She is like my parrots and also reference her to a broken record.

Humor me why I need take computer to Apple Store when it’s fedex fault for making my life living hell for my laptop. All I wanted was a working computer that wasn’t dropped banged up during shipping and dirty as hell from the new parts put on it. I lost money time and energy on this problem. Let’s see if today’s the day they own up to the problem.

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