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I have feelings like everyday someone is stabbing me in the back everyday. The pain is so unbearable when I wake up and I feel like I can hardly move. I keep waiting for something to change and to be treated like a human being. Seems my friends can accomplish there goals all cause they have a job and money to save to leave this dreadful country behind. I wish I had that opportunity to immigrate to another country but without my degree that chance may never happen.

I need somewhere to live in Chicago and I don’t know whom will let me move in for nine months and where I will come up with the needed money to find a safe shelter. I am frustrated that the court wasted all this time for me to get a default judgment and still have to go back there and deal with more. The date was cancelled on me all cause a person can’t appear for a return date and top off at the airline trip from Seattle to Chicago was horrible. I put up more abuse from my father who is self conceited. He doesn’t understand the situation I face and how hard it is to put up with this cruel world.

A father whom doesn’t support my decision to get a degree throw me out to fend for myself before I even graduate high school. The pain goes through me and reminds me how useless I feel. People judge me cause I can’t make money and when I want to go do one thing I am further hurt for asking for help. Why is is so hard to let someone have some fun and let them ride a motorcycle I ain’t going to live forever. I wish there was a kind soul that would be there to help me. If there is one out there to do such please let me know.

Adios for today.

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