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I want to feel the feeling of finally being handcuffed and patted down and on my way to a jail cell. Would be nice to finally know what it like to be transported and taken to a jail with the real people that I should be with. I wasn’t meant to live outside free can’t seem to survive and I want to be an animal on display for the whims of such guards and isolated from this cruel ass society. I’m tired of feeling sick and unable to sleep cause I’m not in a secure cell. I want to have my movement controlled and limited that is true freedom. I can’t even get help for donations to get this life saving treatment. This treatment is the true way to solve a majority of problems at least a good couple months. Medication doesn’t do shit at all and makes it worse.

This country left me with nothing but shit health care and I owe more then I even get a month. I can’t live on 448 a month I don’t think anyone can. They take the premiums all out next month on me and leave me with nothing. Even on 778 a month it’s not living.

Then I have to deal with the employment bullshit that employers waste there time and inability to find a full-time job without a degree and my skills are not there and I need to be making more than 2,000 monthly just to be ahead with benefits. I’m so poor can’t even afford some new gear for motorcycle riding to keep me safe and dry as I ride. I am so sick of living like this.

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