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I am so sick of the holidays. All I want is to be locked up in a jail cell warm and safe. To be picked up by an officer stripped naked and given my prison uniform. To feel those restraints thst are locked upon my ankles and wrists to feel the happiness as I’m led to my new cell. The freedom there is provided from the free food shelter and clothing. To have a small secured place that I’m locked into and to fee like property in which I need to be.to be given the number which would be my new identity. I would be running into my cell and thanking the guard so much for his assistance to my cell. I would enjoy hearing the door slam shit and knowing I’m not going anywhere anymore. To get away from all the vile nasty people in the free world would be a blessing. I am told that I have no worth in this world and that I would be better off dead. Well thanks people for saying that to me. The people in jail are likely much better then those on the outside. I want to leave this fucking country and get away

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