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I have no one that seems to care about me anymore and am stuck trying to fight this pain all alone. I have lost a huge part of my life that was taken by the person who sexually assaulted me. I have suffered this two weeks before my 28th birthday and haven’t had the proper therapy I have needed for weeks. I have been labeled by society as someone who does not deserve happiness from the bondage community. I have been told to go and kill myself and that I don’t deserve to feel safe and secure. I had a person who betrayed me and had me sent to the psych ward instead of offering me security while I been coping with the assault and saying I was suicidal when in reality I wasn’t. I been told by so many people online that they had a jail cell to put me in and that they would come get me and lock me up and they didn’t do it. I was told that my problems are nothing in comparison to someone else. I was told that emotional needs aren’t important and that feeling safe and secure is not worth it. I was lied by the police department that they would lock me in a jail cell for a couple days to help me feel secure. I have no one left to help me and I am so sick of my failures being used against me. I asked for support and I found out that I don’t have any friends left to support me anymore. I cant have the security of being hooded in mitts locked in a cage because I am to much of a freak to society. I am thrown out for being mentally fucked up and told that I should take pills but the therapy I need isnt here.

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