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I don’t want to live anymore without the confinement or luxuries inmates have. I and to the point I will so anything to get inside i really shy want a record but desperation for the ho that works is what matters. People think that they know the best intentions and that God is the greatist. I write this out of pure wanting of help and security. I need someone to please secure me into a prison cell for real this is not healthy to be free. If I was a German or European citizen my dream could come true unlike the people here in the United States and Craig’slist who call me nuts and a mental freak. Only one who really is a freak are the ones who constantly flag my posts. If only people could learn to read what I go through and learn to understand the massive benefits it would do to my life. Once again i plead for my prison / jail cell confinement. It’s not that hard people to make this a reality i could have several months with some help if there are no police departments that wish to help. Only one i can go for long term is in Germany and hard to get anyone but one person who could contributes as best he can. I want help. I’m 27 years old male living in Tacoma area. If your here to help do as I ask or ill gladly take donations to the therapy that helps me the most. Getting cuffed chained told what to do offers a security even if you thing most don’t like it. It works different from me. I don’t believe in a God who made me live a life of hell. There is no God as suffering wouldn’t exist and certainy no pain. But reality is ADHD people like me with PTSD need the solitude. So please help im begging. I will share this link to anyone who feels they care to read my blog and learn about me or how to donate to my trip to Germany.

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