I am tired of taking HIV meds for the rest of my useless life. I do not have the compassion available to me in the United States. This country has failed me and I am done taking pills to prolong my suffering. I did not ask to be born here I did not ask for shitty healthcare. I did not wish to be born here and everyday I put up with so much mental abuse. I will not survive much longer here unless something massive happens. My healthcare is failing in this country and I wish there would be someone out there who has compassion to make a difference in my life. I can not believe that people are so greedy over fucking money. Its the root of all evils and I find that hard to believe that someone out there could show me compassion. I don’t have a lot in my life financially but what I do have is love and compassion for those in this world. I want my chance to move to Europe.

1 thought on “Death is all I have!

  1. I tried to post a comment to your youtube video. I dunno I just wanted to say to you that hold on.Aids isnt really a thing nowadays. I’d actually quess that it will probably be cured within your lifetime. And as a condition that you have to have medicine daily or something… there’s also the diabedic people, they intake medicine, and they live their lives as normal… as should you…. like everyone with heart medicine, and so on. Im myself finnish… i’,m slightly drunk here, but im leaving my email to contact me if you have some issues or something.

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