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Why is it so hard to get a job anywhere in the United States? It makes me disgusted that when I try to give to others I am unable to get some help in life. Why should it be so hard to get a working vehicle? If I had a chance to make a difference then I wouldn’t be sitting here crying to pieces as I am so defeated.

I keep applying to jobs and employers seem more flakey than ever. I hate this recession we are in I never have had such a hard time finding a job until four years ago and I feel so let down. I can’t have a job that is not in walking distance or by bus so that limits so many options. Seems to have a job your in need of a reliable vehicle or in a city where transit doesn’t stop on the weekends or you can not get around. Then the ironic part to have a job you need a car which then you need money to buy a car so where is the middle ground?

Is there any miracle on earth that I can be a part of cause it seems that I don’t have a helping hand to change that. I can’t even finish my degree to help me get an equal footing for a job I just can’t take the pain anymore. I wish I could leave the United States behind and begin a new life in Europe. My heart is not here nor is my mind its so hard to feel like a useless piece of crap that I get treated like and living so poorly cause the social security system is the biggest joke there is. When one who is disabled cant change there situation as there paid so little why blame them?

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