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I need to be secured in transport chains just like an inmate. I can’t live like this without my needed life saving therapy. It’s important that I get into a jail cell ASAP so I can finally sleep. Last few days have been utter hell trying to live like this. I look like shit and need a refresh and the great accomendations that are lucky inmates have. I hate this shit how I got to fork out for those awesome people in jail but I can’t go in without a record. I dont have the airfare to Germany to enjoy a cell without the record. It’s bullshit I have to live like this and suffering more pain. I am in tears every day and night hoping for a miracle. Useless mental health professionals won’t help nor anyone help from the police department in locking me down. Can’t get help from the BDSM community. I’m so lost and my health is almost gone and its painful. Why am I treated like I’m weird and crazy for wanting a cell it’s no different then other things that people are into. We have so many of them and all people do is say why support someone and there tax dollars. The real honesty is how can someone go on when they need help they can’t get from people that are so selfish.

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