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Jail just seems to be the perfect idea and place for me as I can’t even afford to travel let along support myself financially and medically. I can’t even afford new clothing, food, shelter, medical treatment. I’m tired of worrying about the basic human survival in such a cruel and inhumane country. Instead the money just goes to the rich and ungrateful companies and there representatives. Yet they profit off my limited income not by all my choice. It’s fucked up that in society that the richer you are the less you have to obey laws and that they get luxurious accomendations when you break the law. Inmates get placed in awesome restraints, comfortable restraint chairs, and good looking clothes. Hell even get catered food what a life to live. Who cares you can’t leave or have searches that makes it even better. Solitary confinement even better.

What drives me crazy is people who always trying to cut corners in helping and making my life even harder when in logic there not making any sense. You can’t save more when you have to travel to another airport and spend more time getting from point a to b. If your going to help then do it the right way. That would be actually helping with a ticket from my airport to where I really need to be at.

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