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It shames me how many emails I get that like to insult what I really need to live and become healthier. How can one person judge someone for wanting to be somewhere we lock up people involuntarily (AKA Jail). The tears of living I go through everyday with the PTSD. The pain emotionally takes its toll physically. The external stimuli is way to much for me to handle. I just want to be locked up in a jail cell in solitary confinement. Whats so wrong with wanting this security where true freedom exists. Free food, medical care, clothing, luxurious accommodations: that include toilet, bed, sink, window, concrete modern walls, clean and practical. Why should one have to live on Social Security Disability income that is not even enough to pay for a small basic studio. Try living on 778 and pay for medical costs, food, shelter, transportation, and other basic living expenses. Then add the bureaucracy of you can’t even work more than a certain monthly income which at moment is 1100. No help exists for those that want to get off this poverty stricken background. If it was not for the help of the generosity of very few people out thereĀ I wouldn’t survive another day. You try living one day in my shoes and realize how one can perceive the cruelties of the United States of America. This country votes with stupidity in mind and those who don’t do nothing now will regret when things get worse. Americans are some of the most arrogant cocky arrogant, selfish bastards in the world.

I have travelled and experienced many things in my life and if I had the money I never would come back to this shithole. This country and the military I served caused me to live with a disease that may never get cured in my lifetime and has caused numerous complications to my life. Living with chronic pain in addition to the HIV virus has been hard enough. Add in elements of depression, anxiety, arthritis, severe ptsd, kidney troubles, and prediabetes, this created a battle that most can not fight. I have asked for help pleaded and have tried so many things. All I do is loose because everyone else wants more money greed. I can not see why people fight for 15 fucking dollars an hour and shit when I don’t even make that in a month. I live on shit, deal with crappy healthcare, and put up with companies that think its fun to make fun of my sexuality preference.


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