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I’m aware now that there are a few people who are bringing me back to life and trying to give me alternatives and even willing to build a prison cell for me as they truly do care about me.i shouldn’t let these opportunities go buy any more as I was stupid to let my dream be ripped beneath my feet. I will have a cell built for me to keep me safe and secured when I need to be. This could make up for bind treating me like an epic piece of shit. Who is he to tell me I’m not worth anything if he has mental problems maybe he should not judge. People who are stable level headed and safe but have moments where they need to reduce stress need to enjoy a cell and lockdown. It’s those people who admit they know what helps that creates a stable person not someone who runs around panicking when it comes to releasing someone. I find that statement full of jokes. I’m hurting because I want to be in a prison cell. I just don’t have the money to go and do it

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