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I’m wanting to heal from the ailments I have and the one way is if I’m locked up in jail. Is there anyone or the that can make my dream come true? I need to be on that concrete slab with thin mattress and hearing that cell door slam which would bring me instant calm.

2 thoughts on “Nasty flu and need Jail Cell to survive!

  1. thomasx says:

    Stumbled upon this blog but what is preventing you from accessing a jail cell? I dont recommend anyone commit a crime but will the police not put you in containment overnight or something like that if you think that you are at risk?

    • Prisondude says:

      They are too stubborn to help anyone in need. This is the pain I go trough daily. I can’t seem to find that police care but yet who pays their taxes its people like me. Trust me I have had no luck to getting some containment hence why this blog exists.

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