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So been a busy week and just haven’t seemed to have the time to keep on  blogging like my intentions are. I am hoping I can start my training at McDonald’s pretty soon as my bills keep piling up and I could utilize a motorcycle once again. I started using a new bicycle but that only going to get me so far and really for me is to expensive to get anything I really wanted anyways. By the time I buy equipment to get the bicycle with more accessories I could have a motorcycle again. Safety equipment is expensive and I feel like I am starting over and this won’t commute the 60 miles I will need to keep this new job.

Phone is acting like crap on me and I don’t have the cash to buy a new device. I wish that somehow I can get some help to get myself ahead and have money to save in my bank account. Unless I gain a fulltime job making 15 an hour or more I will never be able to get off Social Security completely as I would be loosing money and working more. I need to get transportation and I feel so helpless.

Another long day to deal with shall be back to post again.

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