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So you think your better then me because you got lots of money a decent job and a personality of hatred. You think just because someone is depressed that it gives you the right to judge the person and what they go through in life. Seriously grow up and stop being such assholes as I have nothing left worth living in my life. I have coped with more trying experiences and to place yourself on such high pedestals doesn’t make it any easier. I feel so lost and so defeated by this country I am living in and it’s people. The other problem is with the gay community itself which doesn’t seem to get any better. I feel like the only thing people truly are in love with is money. I have asked for one fucking simple thing and that is longterm confinement in a jail cell. Is that so hard to just pick me up and take me to jail asap. I am ready for whoever wants to make this reality. I want that living life of confinement and to wear worn down clothes and sleep locked in such a tiny room.

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