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I keep waiting for that chance to make a difference in life. I imagine the day that I obtain my degree and can actually graduate. I am so afraid that I will never find a job and worrying about having a motorcycle. The day was so gorgeous for riding here in Washington. I just wish that I was able to partake in the activities. Another holiday ending in boredom I swear it never ends. I hope that somehow I can find a way back to Chicago and have a place to stay. I can not rely on anyone to help me it seems and I am not even sure the school really gives a care if I have a place to live. I still am waiting for them to get there act together and give me a financial aid package.

I keep thinking somewhere there a job there for me but I highly doubt its in the United States of America. This country has allowed me to live in the worst way possible and its shameful to think there is freedom. A country where one can not work a job and make ends meet and one where social security is not enough to live on. I personally am affected by the unemployment of half this country and I wish it would end. I wish that I would not be so embarrassed that I can not afford a vehicle because some employers are utter flakes. I wish things would change and that I could move on to a new chapter in my life. If only school was reasonable costing and if only I could have a place to live and some decent transportation. Well one decade it might happen but by then I probably will not exist then or if I do it not be in this state of mind.

Farewell for now.

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