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I can not believe that Cycle Gear said I had a contingent job offer and then said they already had someone else. Its so frustrating trying to find a decent job and I have someone that doesn’t care about my health or me as a person. I have tried to find money and yet I still can not. I want to be able to have fun in life not be stuck here at home wondering just what is my purpose in life.

I need some help with a motorcycle and I keep hoping someday will get better but I’m afraid I will be long gone before that changes. I can not even finish my degree let along have a working vehicle to get around. I do not know why the job market is a slap in someones face and that I can not have an opportunity to succeed. I just sit here applying for jobs like there going out of style and feel that all they really want is nobody. I would do anything to have some help and a chance to work.

I just sit here looking at my bird whose literally the only thing that gives the unconditional love. I look at the people going by on there motorcycles seeing the fun they have while I stay stuck stranded on the side of the road. I wish someone would take the time to not be so selfish.

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