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So I been wanting to build a blog and found there is no better time then now. Lately alot of my experiences throughout life have left numerous struggles in which I overcome daily. Its not the easiest life to live trying to obtain a degree with the limited financials I deal with. I feel so close to getting my degree but yet I feel that I am so far away and am in dire need of a miracle to get my last year funded. I felt so good when I had the opportunity to go on a cruise to some very beautiful countries. I long to be able to travel more and more as time pushes on. There is nothing like exploring and its one of the many things I enjoy and share passion for.

Of course there are various other things I enjoy doing and there heavily related to motorcycling lately and of course enjoying the company of the birds that live with me. I get to enjoy there funny and goofy personalities on a daily basis and there are four of them. Two green cheek conures named Tweety and Kiwi and then there is Max the sun conure and Lokie the Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot. I find myself continuing to want to get more active in various high physical activities lately. If I could I would be out riding more of my motorcycle if only it was actually working in top condition but more than that I lately want to start rock climbing and doing more zip-lining.

Well I am out of here for now and eagerly waiting for some contingent offer of employment to turn into a permanent offer and also my college school year to end. Got to love quarters I have yet to be done with week 7 out of ten.

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