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Please there has to be a mirracle and some financial help. Many things are going on in my life and I need flight ticket to save my life. I can’t handle this being freedom crap I need a goodie few months locked up in a prison cell. There is never enough money to make ends meet. Jail offers true freedom and comfort. I want to be taken in some handcuffs and be shackled in leg irons on my way to a cozy cell. I wish I was lucky like those inmates whom have it all. I can’t even get help from a psych hospital and this sucks. I don’t need a record to find a temporary healing spot but what for 1400 dollars and another 2100 for my stay in Germany is it so messed up to fuck one over. I wish someone would step up and help I’m tired of feeling this pain I want a secure home to live in.

I am tired of people saying just be happy and just enjoy this bullshit freedom. Stop telling me how bad it is as to me it isn’t any worse then what I go through now. Don’t label another person’s life you can’t possibly know what they go through. I really need the money and help and I plead for those who can give to give. Make someone happy and help them. That simple amount of money can help change an outlook on life. Unless you got a cell waiting to use for me I got to get out of Seattle area. I want to get out this country its killing me. Living on 700 a month good luck and then when your benefits are cut to 400 certain random months what can I do. There is no living in this life. Please someone come take me to a jail cel or help me for a ticket to go to one that is privately owned without inmates

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