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I am so frustrated with all this pain emotionally and need a break from all this reality. I don’t know what I did to not be able to find a place to work. I seem to constantly see rejection emails stating how useless I am for employment. I just want a chance to prove I am worth something for once in my life. I have a good heart and want to be back to enjoying the lifetime activities I used to do. Its hard to keep going daily when I can not even have fun. I want to be on that motorcycle enjoying the feeling of the engine roaring and not having to worry about everything in my life.

I want to find myself traveling more to various destinations and seeing the world for its beauty it contains. I want to learn various activities such as snowboarding and want to also partake in many more social activities. I feel so isolated from people in general without the ability to work. Its not easy facing depression on a daily basis and being unable to live a standard quality of life.


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