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The time goes by so quickly and I have aged another year. What’s even more hard to believe is the fact I decided that it’s time to work full-time and try to build a career. I am to the point where college is going to be placed on hold and try to make an impact in may life somehow financially. The biggest challenge I face is getting used to a whole different schedule that is filled with a lot of traveling as I will be working on board Amtrak. I looking forward to hopefully accomplishing many goals soon that have been limited to the lack of income. I miss riding in a motorcycle deeply and am looking forward to hopefully riding again soon.

1 thought on “Time rushing by so quickly and a new job!

  1. I was so sad to read of your suffering. I hope that with the job things will start looking up for you.

    I ride a motorcycle and i know better than most people how a brisk ride can blast away the doom, gloom, and emotional cobwebs that life can cause to accumulate upstairs.

    Let me know if life has given you some enjoyment over the last month or two. Good Luck!!!

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