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IMG_0129Everyday I keep hoping that somewhere out there I will have my chance to be able to work and obtain my goals. Alot of people don’t understand why one could possibly need a motorcycle.  But when I am on a motorcycle my thoughts drift away into happiness. Its me the bike I am riding and the road. I don’t have to think of everything else around me that causes me pain, sorrow, and my mind remains clear and focused. I so tired of living on a government income that just encourages living in poverty. Why is it so hard for there to be someone out there that would allow me to ride there motorcycle and have some fun in life? I have helped so many people and emotionally this struggle to obtain this goal impacts me to get a decent job and manage to keep it.

I am a human being and deserve a chance to make a living. It seems so hard to find a decent job to make a reasonable living. If people would help one another it would inspire those to succeed. I live in a constant state of depression and anxiety and worry everyday what is going to happen with my health. The only thing I want to be able to do is enjoy what I have and to be happy.

A motorcycle is one of the simplest things in life that gives me hope and allows me to be mobile. I would be grateful if there is anyone who has a motorcycle I could use or someone you would be willing to donate money for me to purchase one. If there is anyone out there who be willing to donate to helping me get a motorcycle again and helping me get back on track for hope in life I would gratefully appreciate it.

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