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I have yet to find someone out there that  cares about encouraging goal. I fed up with getting judged for no reason at all. Just because I’m poor and unable to partake in many ventures that cost money doesn’t mean that I don’t want to have fun. Its not easy living on social security at only 765 a month. Try being positive with that outlook that you can not even live at poverty level. I keep hoping for a miracle to happen and that I find a decent job.

I would do anything to be riding a motorcycle before my health deteriorates to a point that I remain stuck in bed. Its sad that I can not get out of this situation and I wish that life would come to an end and then I would not have to worry about fighting a disease that wants me dead. I tired and exhausted all the time and the few things that keep me happy I can not afford. Wishing I could find that special someone and move abroad to Europe I am in tears daily stressing about what I am going to do to make myself better.

Is there anyone out there that is willing to donate to a worthy cause and allow me a chance to recover from the tragic life I have?

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