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I find one thing that bothers me more and more lately is those that say they would help me and it turns out to be misleading. I find it ignorant when people do not figure out common sense that one can not afford to pay rent on 765 a month. There are responsibilities that one must pay. I feel that I will never accomplish the goals I seek in life and the depression keeps climaxing. I feeling drained and worn out with the situation that I am living in. I hate the feeling of being denied by everyone and am having trouble finding substantial work.

I just want to be able to live in a peaceful state and have fun in life. I want to move far away from this dreadful United States of America. This is a land of broken dreams, sadistic people, disability discrimination, and gay homophobes. I want the chance to move to Europe and begin a better life and just completely start over and get a new life.

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